I made Merchandise!

So I was bored *casually ignores the big pile of assignments on my desk*, and I ended up making art for my not-yet-released second DRitC story!

Caffe Latte- Dee A (Epub_Mobi)

Caffe Latte is about Ben Malcolm, a digital artist and Pokèmon enthusiast and all around otaku, who happens to have the biggest crush on one Francisco Ibarra, the new jock in the basketball team. When he meets the Francisco at  Café Café, the coffee shop he’s just started working at, well, things don’t go as he expects them to.

The first in the Love Like Coffee series, Caffe Latte is pretty short and cute (well, my beta reader and editor said so) and is my first ‘original’ work in the contemporary genre. I’m excited for you to meet the characters when the book comes out (which should be sometime in October, I think).

“Coffee is always the answer” and “Chocolate is Happiness” are two of the ‘official’ pins that the employees at Café Café wear. There’s a third one is the café’s logo, but I’m still fiddling around with that, so it’s not done yet.


And yeah, I thought it’d be nice to make something tangible that people can look at. Since I already had a society 6 account that was collecting dust, I thought, why not? Sadly, they don’t have pins, but maybe sometime in the future, eh?

So here’s a look at what I made:
















There are also tote bags and phone cases available, so go and check them out here!

Have a happy week 🙂