Yaay Cover Reveal!


I finally buckled down and made a cover for the next book in the Love Like Coffee Series, Kaapi.

Kaapi Book CoverWhat do you think? And I have a blurb too:

Alan is a fool. This is an established fact, because he went and fell in love with Vaibhav, his irritatingly suave, ridiculously handsome, and frustratingly wonderful boss.

Now he spends everyday dreaming up completely inappropriate scenarios that involve their Boss-Secretary relationship, and wishing that Vaibhav would stop being so professional and just throw him over his desk and have his wicked way with him already, since there’s no way it’d actually happen in reality.

Maybe he should start writing erotica. At least then there’d be some type of happy ending in his life.

Damnit, he needed more caffeine.

The book should be out by late June, or early July, most probably. I’m so excited!

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Caffe Latte v2.0 now on Smashwords!

Caffe Latte v2.0 now on Smashwords!

After reading a couple of reviews and after de-stressing in the (unexpectedly lengthened) holidays (cyclones, yo), I decided to do some re-writing of Caffe Late to make Francisco a little less douchey (poor guy didn’t deserve all the hate he was getting because of my sucky plotting IMHO. But on the other hand, if people still hate on him now at least I won’t feel responsible! Heehee).

Soo, here’s the slightly more expanded (and better) version of Caffe Latte, the first book in the love Like Coffee Series and all that jazz 😛

Big, big thanks to Elizabetta for helping me out with this!Caffe Latte

Blurb: Ben has been crushing on Francisco ever since the gorgeous man transferred into his university, but he’s
convinced himself that the Spanish Adonis wouldn’t be interested him at all. When they run into each other at the cafe Ben works at, it turns out that maybe Francisco is interested in him. But it seems Francisco’s still in the closet…

Caffe Latte is the first in the Love Like Coffee series, and is a contemporary, new adult romance featuring a cute gamer geek, a hot mechanic with dimples of doom and a quirky little café.


Caffe Latte Dee Available at smashwords

Download links for Scar

Download links for Scar

Scar is now available for Download!

Gabriel Lamb decides to go to the ninth district for peace and quiet after he is released from prison. A meeting with a stranger, and a case of restless boredom brings him to the illegal fighting rings that thrive in the ninth. Here he meets the most irreverent man he has ever seen, who still manages to rouse his protective instincts.

Russ Andrews has spent all his life in the ninth, fighting in matches to earn the money that lets his family eat. The ring is where he meets the bored new fighter who irritates him and arouses him in equal measure.

A tentative friendship turns into an arrangement of mutual comfort. But then, Gabriel isn’t prepared for the rush of possessiveness he feels for Russ, and Russ isn’t prepared for his world to crumble around him.

Scar is the first book in the Indelible series. 

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Scar is now also available on Smashwords and Amazon!

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Till then, you can get it from Smashwords 🙂