Thursday’s Tiny Tales: Saffranine

Ichigo tried not to state at the sopping wet man who was currently panting next to him, having run almost an entire block to get to the safety of the bus stand’s awning. The man’s pale yellow Tshirt almost see through at this point, and sticking obscenely to the curves and ridges of his muscled body. When the man sneezed, sending droplets of rainwater everywhere, Ichigo cut his eyes away and tried to be a decent human being, one that did not ogle a poor man who was probably sick and now that he thought about it, looked like a drowning cat with the way his blue hair was plastered to his face, and oh crap, was he shivering? He dug around in his backpack and retrieved his lab coat so he could perhaps offer it as a makeshift towel, but goddamnit, Keigo had spilled saffranine all over it so it now looked like Ichigo had tried to wipe away a grisly murder.

This was when he realised that the blue haired Greek god-type-man was looking at the cloth in his hands with a WHAT THE FUCK expression on his face. And then he turned around and hoofed it out of there, walking as fast as humanly possible away from him. It was a moment before Ichigo could gather his wits and scream, “I’m not an axe murderer! Come back! You’ll get sick in the rain!”

I was too tired to write anything but I didn’t want to miss a post, so have old fanfiction I wrote instead. Whoops?