Series: Indelible

The Indelible series is set in an alternate dystopian universe, where the rich live in sprawling comfort in the upper districts and the poor have to fight to survive in the lower ones. But suffering doesn’t discriminate between the rich and the poor, even if it seems that way sometimes. We can only face forward, knowing no matter how hard the circumstances, there will always be hope, and determination, and love.

(Gosh that sounds so corny)

Books in this series:

#1 Scar

Scar by Dee Aditya

The first book in the series, Scar was written as a part of the MM romance group’s Don’t read in the Closet 2015 edition, Love is an Open Road.

Gabriel Lamb decides to go to the ninth district for peace and quiet after he is released from prison. A meeting with a stranger, and a case of restless boredom brings him to the illegal fighting rings that thrive in the ninth. Here he meets the most irreverent man he has ever seen, who still manages to rouse his protective instincts.

Russ Andrews has spent all his life in the ninth, fighting in matches to earn the money that lets his family eat. The ring is where he meets the bored new fighter who irritates him and arouses him in equal measure.

A tentative friendship turns into an arrangement of mutual comfort. But then, Gabriel isn’t prepared for the rush of possessiveness he feels for Russ, and Russ isn’t prepared for his world to crumble around him.

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#2 Stain (coming soon!)