A Boy Named Khwahish now available!!

Okay, I’m a terrible author, because I forgot today was when my book was going to be published (despite being given this information a long time ago), and only realised that it had gone live after I clicked on the buying link out of curiosity which is mother flippin’ awful of me D: D: D:
And I also have an exam in 48 hours that I HAVEN’T STUDIED FOR because I procrastinated D: D: D: D:
But yeah this is it this is a very short, ranty, panicky blog post saying that my book is now live, I’m scared for my life because finals, and also, I’m alive and haven’t actually disappeared into the void?

But yes,


The last year of school was supposed to be a stressful mess, but Sathya never expected it would get this stressful or this messy. He’s pissed off with his parents, his best friend is convinced something is wrong with him, and there’s a new guy with a pretty face and dazzling eyes, and Sathya just can’t seem to ignore him.
Or rather, Sathya doesn’t want to ignore him.

Word Count: 10k
Tags: Young Adult, Contemporary, Multicultural, Coming of age, Indian high schools, first loves, friggin fluffy
Content Warnings: Homophobic family

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I’m going to figure out if I can do a giveaway but that’ll have to wait till exams end I’m afraid D:


Surprise! It’s a new book!

So I wrote something for the Take a Chance anthology that’s being published by Beaten Track, and I kinda forgot about it eventually haha. And then today I got an email that my book’s up for preorder like whaaa??? How cool is that?!

So here it is:

wpid-wp-1447532529481.jpg The last year of school was supposed to be a stressful mess, but Sathya never expected it would get this stressful or this messy. He’s pissed off with his parents, his best friend is convinced something is wrong with him, and there’s a new guy with a pretty face and dazzling eyes, and Sathya just can’t seem to ignore him.
Or rather, Sathya doesn’t want to ignore him.

It’s a multicultural, young adult, queer romance set in India. In high-school, no less. Exams are mentioned multiple times, because that’s how things are if you’re in high school in India. There are always exams.

This story is pretty special to me, because of the setting and the characters. Because I drew on my own experiences of high school, and the setting is kinda nostalgic to me (even more so now that I’m not living in India).

It’s available for preorder now from multiple sites:

buy at beaten track buy on amazon

I hope you guys enjoy the book when it comes out!


Yaay Cover Reveal!


I finally buckled down and made a cover for the next book in the Love Like Coffee Series, Kaapi.

Kaapi Book CoverWhat do you think? And I have a blurb too:

Alan is a fool. This is an established fact, because he went and fell in love with Vaibhav, his irritatingly suave, ridiculously handsome, and frustratingly wonderful boss.

Now he spends everyday dreaming up completely inappropriate scenarios that involve their Boss-Secretary relationship, and wishing that Vaibhav would stop being so professional and just throw him over his desk and have his wicked way with him already, since there’s no way it’d actually happen in reality.

Maybe he should start writing erotica. At least then there’d be some type of happy ending in his life.

Damnit, he needed more caffeine.

The book should be out by late June, or early July, most probably. I’m so excited!

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Thursday’s Tiny Tales: Access

Michael looked pissed, to say the least.

“You hacked into the mainframe?”

“I merely accessed it without proper permission, that’s all,” Zachariel shrugged, typing out a set of commands on an imaginary keyboard on the glass wall of the temporary holding cell.

“So in essence, you hacked into the MAINFRAME?”

“If you want to call it by such a term, then yes, I did hack into the mainframe. But I only just logged in and then I immediately logged out. I didn’t even look at any confidential information or anything, so I think arresting me is a bit extreme, really–”

2006-men-volume“Mr. Lamb?”

Zachariel and Michael turned as one.

The man cleared his throat. “Zachariel Lamb. The one that accessed the Mainframe.”

Zach shot a smug glance at Michael before he turned to the man. He was older, mid forties, maybe, and dressed in a suit as bespoke as Michael’s. He was sexy. “Yeah, that’s me.”

The man stepped forward, returning Zach’s gaze with just as much intensity. “I’m Richard Kress, Director of Information Security.”

“Ooh. Nice. Was it your team’s work that I poked holes into three hours ago?” Zach cocked his head a little and smiled his best I’m-a-brat-but-you-love-me-anyway smile. “I didn’t mean any harm. I was just proving a point.”

Richard smiled. “Yes, it looked like no data had been modified or copied. May I ask what the point was that you were proving?”

Zach grinned. “That there isn’t a challenge I can’t win.”

Michael muttered in the background.

“My, you’re a driven one, aren’t you?” Richard chuckled. Zach saw it clear as day in his aristocratic face: desire.

Naturally, he played up to it, cocking his hip and lowering his eyes, affecting coyness. “Maybe.”

Richard smiled appreciatively and retrieved his phone from his coat pocket. “I’d like to offer you an internship position with my office. We can discuss how exactly you bypassed all the security firewalls, and make sure that it doesn’t happen again, yes?”

Since Zach’s phone had been seized when he got dragged into the lock up, Richard transferred his contact card to Michael’s phone.

“I look forward to seeing you on Monday, Zachariel.” Richard smiled and turned to leave.

Zach panicked. “Hey, aren’t you going to tell them to release me?”

The older man laughed and shook his head. “You did commit a crime, young man. You’re working with us instead of serving a sentence, but your brother still has to bail you out.” With one last smirk and a wave, he was walking out of the room.

“No hoverboard for the next six months,” Michael grumped as he looked at his phone, presumably telling a client he was going to be late for a meeting because he had to help out family. “And restricted infonet access for the next three.”

Zach would have protested, but he chose to let it go, focusing instead on his memory of Richard’s broad shoulders and tapered waist. He couldn’t wait to start working with him.

The image used is for illustration only. The image does not belong to me.

This story is part of the Indelible Universe, and takes place before book 1 and 2. Book 1, Scar, can be accessed here. The second book, Stain, will be out sometime in late 2016 🙂

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Caffe Latte v2.0 now on Smashwords!

Caffe Latte v2.0 now on Smashwords!

After reading a couple of reviews and after de-stressing in the (unexpectedly lengthened) holidays (cyclones, yo), I decided to do some re-writing of Caffe Late to make Francisco a little less douchey (poor guy didn’t deserve all the hate he was getting because of my sucky plotting IMHO. But on the other hand, if people still hate on him now at least I won’t feel responsible! Heehee).

Soo, here’s the slightly more expanded (and better) version of Caffe Latte, the first book in the love Like Coffee Series and all that jazz 😛

Big, big thanks to Elizabetta for helping me out with this!Caffe Latte

Blurb: Ben has been crushing on Francisco ever since the gorgeous man transferred into his university, but he’s
convinced himself that the Spanish Adonis wouldn’t be interested him at all. When they run into each other at the cafe Ben works at, it turns out that maybe Francisco is interested in him. But it seems Francisco’s still in the closet…

Caffe Latte is the first in the Love Like Coffee series, and is a contemporary, new adult romance featuring a cute gamer geek, a hot mechanic with dimples of doom and a quirky little café.


Caffe Latte Dee Available at smashwords

*Incomprehensible Screaming*

Why am I screaming? Because I just found the PERFECT guys for my next book! *fist pump* *happy dance*

Okay, let’s start at the beginning. So As you know, Caffe Latte, the first book in the Love Like Coffee series is going to be released soon. The second book in the series, which is the one I was hunting pics for, is called Kaapi.

What’s that word mean?

Well, Kaapi is what Coffee is called in Tamil, and even in Malayalam. Anyway, Filter Coffee or Filter Kaapi, like how we call it, is famous in South India, especially in Chennai (where I’m from). I’ve had cappuchinos and mochas and lattes and what not, but nothing quite compares to the taste and smell of hot, bitter-sweet filter kaapi, the drink that encompasses the essence of Chennai, my home town. You can read all about filter coffee here.

One of the MCs is a Chennai born guy who’s currently the CEO of an organization in the USA, in the unnamed city where the first book is based, so filter coffee plays an important role in the story overall, and hence the name.
(Also because I really wanted to name a book after my favourite thing in the world).

This story is special to me because I’m writing it for a good friend. She was the first person I friended on Goodreads, in fact. I couldn’t pick up her prompt because I already picked up Samantha’s, but her prompt was awesome!

Dear Author,
For the last five years I’ve been his right hand man. I handle his schedule, I make his coffee, and I pick up his suits from the dry cleaner. I even make the arrangements for his hook ups with other men. The world sees a ruthless businessman, a cold bastard. But I know him. Behind the icy facade, I see HIM. The man who is meant to be my other half. Question is, when is he going to see ME. Not as his personal assistant, but as a lover, as a partner, as a man.
Thank you
Please only contemporary.
I would like a HEA and sex on-page, but the call is yours

If there’s one thing I love, it’s pining and Boss-Secretary relationships. (Oh no, that’s two things). So of course I decided I’d write this when I finished my ‘official’ prompts.

After a long time searching, I found the best guys for the roles of Vaibhav and Alan.

Vaibhav Ganesh

Age: 32; CEO

(Above images belong to MenOfIndia– I am using these purely for illustrative purposes)

Alan Grant

Age: 29; Vaibhav’s Secretary

(Nope, I don’t own these pictures either- just using them for descriptive purposes)

Alan was a little tough, but it was Vaibhav that I really struggled to find photos for! I can’t believe I found someone who is EXACTLY what I imagined Vaibhav to be! Wow! (Also I really hope I won’t be sued for using these pics because I have no money and I’m not even making any money off this book because it’s free.)

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Take care, guys!

I made Merchandise!

So I was bored *casually ignores the big pile of assignments on my desk*, and I ended up making art for my not-yet-released second DRitC story!

Caffe Latte- Dee A (Epub_Mobi)

Caffe Latte is about Ben Malcolm, a digital artist and Pokèmon enthusiast and all around otaku, who happens to have the biggest crush on one Francisco Ibarra, the new jock in the basketball team. When he meets the Francisco at  Café Café, the coffee shop he’s just started working at, well, things don’t go as he expects them to.

The first in the Love Like Coffee series, Caffe Latte is pretty short and cute (well, my beta reader and editor said so) and is my first ‘original’ work in the contemporary genre. I’m excited for you to meet the characters when the book comes out (which should be sometime in October, I think).

“Coffee is always the answer” and “Chocolate is Happiness” are two of the ‘official’ pins that the employees at Café Café wear. There’s a third one is the café’s logo, but I’m still fiddling around with that, so it’s not done yet.


And yeah, I thought it’d be nice to make something tangible that people can look at. Since I already had a society 6 account that was collecting dust, I thought, why not? Sadly, they don’t have pins, but maybe sometime in the future, eh?

So here’s a look at what I made:
















There are also tote bags and phone cases available, so go and check them out here!

Have a happy week 🙂

Download links for Scar

Download links for Scar

Scar is now available for Download!

Gabriel Lamb decides to go to the ninth district for peace and quiet after he is released from prison. A meeting with a stranger, and a case of restless boredom brings him to the illegal fighting rings that thrive in the ninth. Here he meets the most irreverent man he has ever seen, who still manages to rouse his protective instincts.

Russ Andrews has spent all his life in the ninth, fighting in matches to earn the money that lets his family eat. The ring is where he meets the bored new fighter who irritates him and arouses him in equal measure.

A tentative friendship turns into an arrangement of mutual comfort. But then, Gabriel isn’t prepared for the rush of possessiveness he feels for Russ, and Russ isn’t prepared for his world to crumble around him.

Scar is the first book in the Indelible series. 

Head on to the MMRomance website to get your copy of Scar now!

Scar is now also available on Smashwords and Amazon!

But it’s not matched to free yet on Amazon, so if you could just click on the ‘let us know about a lower price’ thing, and either post the smashwords link or the MM Romance group link, I’d be grateful 🙂

Till then, you can get it from Smashwords 🙂