Surprise! It’s a new book!

So I wrote something for the Take a Chance anthology that’s being published by Beaten Track, and I kinda forgot about it eventually haha. And then today I got an email that my book’s up for preorder like whaaa??? How cool is that?!

So here it is:

wpid-wp-1447532529481.jpg The last year of school was supposed to be a stressful mess, but Sathya never expected it would get this stressful or this messy. He’s pissed off with his parents, his best friend is convinced something is wrong with him, and there’s a new guy with a pretty face and dazzling eyes, and Sathya just can’t seem to ignore him.
Or rather, Sathya doesn’t want to ignore him.

It’s a multicultural, young adult, queer romance set in India. In high-school, no less. Exams are mentioned multiple times, because that’s how things are if you’re in high school in India. There are always exams.

This story is pretty special to me, because of the setting and the characters. Because I drew on my own experiences of high school, and the setting is kinda nostalgic to me (even more so now that I’m not living in India).

It’s available for preorder now from multiple sites:

buy at beaten track buy on amazon

I hope you guys enjoy the book when it comes out!



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