Thursday’s Tiny Tales: Mystery

Jose quickly darted his gaze away before the hot guy he’d been looking at caught him. He kept his eyes averted on purpose, so he didn’t notice when someone came up to the counter.
“Hey, wanna go out this weekend?”
It took a moment for him to realise that it was hot guy who was speaking to him. “Wh- you mean me?”
Hot guy nodded, his expression serious. “Yeah. I saw you checking me out.”
Jose felt his face heat up. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable–”
Hot guy shook his head, his expression still serious. “I’m not here about that, though. Do you not wanna guntitled-designo out then?”
“Am I being punked? Are you seriously asking me?”
“No I’m not punking you. Yeah I’m serious. So?”
Jose considered it, and finally nodded, smiling shyly. “I… yeah, I’d like to go out with you.”
“Good. Is Sunday okay for you? We can go to that beer for dogs event. You like dogs?”
“Yeah, I like dogs,” Jose said, still a little disbelieving.
Finally, a small smirk appeared on his face, and he placed a napkin on the counter. “Cool, cool. So here’s my number. Call me.”
“Okay, but–”
“I gotta run now. See ya Sunday.”
“Wait,” Jose called out, but he was already gone. “What’s your name though…”


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