Thursday’s Tiny Tales: Noises Like Words

It’s silent in the house because it’s 2 am and his roommates are asleep.

He opens the website and quickly scrolls through the listings, checking to see if there’s anything new posted.

Ah, bingo. And it’s his favorite artist too.

He debates playing the audio file on speaker vs. playing it on his headphones, and in the end decides on the latter.

When he gets under his sheets, the bed feels like a block of ice and he shivers, with both the chill and the arousal that’s already flooding his body at the thought of what’s coming next.

He wears the headphones, and presses play.

A smooth voice purrs low in his ears.Noises Like Words (2)

“My my, what have we here? What’s a lad like you doing in my neck of the woods now, hmm?”

The voice is all bass, and the posh British accent makes his insides coil tight. He imagines himself in a forest, backed up against a tree by a faceless, humanoid creature. He stutters, trying to answer, but is shushed.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now anyway, does it? You’re here now, and I think I’m going to keep you here. You are such a fine specimen… it’s been a while since I had someone as stunning as you to keep me company. What do you say, boy?” A pause. “Are you afraid of me? Oh, dear boy, I would never harm you. I have no need to, after all. I just want to talk, and spend some time getting to know you. It gets dreadfully boring here, you know. Would you grant me the pleasure of your company?”

He releases a breath he didn’t know he was holding, exhaling a ‘yes’ into the air of his room.

The voice picks up, as if on cue. “That’s a good lad. Come along now, my den’s just over there… what is it, boy, can you not walk? Are you hurt? Let me see now… Oh, what’s this? Are you aroused, my sweet boy? What part of me caused that reaction, I wonder? Is it my strong arms and clawed hands? My furred legs? My scarred face? Or is it… my voice?” A low chuckle flows out of the earphones and into his ears, soothing and yet exciting. “Oh, you like that do you? You like me talking? What would you do if I came closer like this, and spoke close to your ear, tickling your delicate cartilage with my rough whiskers and filthy words? Would my darling like it better if I opened your trousers and grasped your prick, all the while telling you what I’m going to do to your beautiful body? Hmm?”

With all his focus on the voice purring dirty words in his ear, he doesn’t even realise that he’s sliding a hand into his boxers and moaning softly.

“Oh, look at how responsive you are, darling. Such a pleasure to look at your flushed face and hear your keening moans. It’s all for me, isn’t it? You’re mine, aren’t you?” A pause, filled with heavy breathing. “Aren’t you?”

The slick noises in his ears drown out the slick noises that he’s making in the dark of his bedroom, and he gasps, ‘Ye-yes!’.

“Good boy,” the voice purrs, becoming rougher with soft grunts, and the slick noises pick up in speed. “Such a good boy, my good boy. That’s it. Do you feel me against you, darling? Do you feel my breath on your neck and my hands on your skin? Do you feel how I squeeze your cock? Do you think you can come for me like this, lad? You can? That’s a very good boy now. Come on lad, come for me now.”

Toes curling, muscles clenching, he comes in his boxers, coating his hand.

In his ears, the purring voice continues. “There you are. Shh, shhh… You were such a sweet boy for me. There you go, my pretty little lad. My good boy. Sleep now, little one. Sleep…”

And he does, his heaving breath mingling with the steady, strong breathing in his ears.


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