Thursday’s Tiny Tales: Trap

Content warning: This is dark and mentions violence, blood, and non-con. 

Horny men were the easiest prey.

So easy, they were pathetic.

All Ren needed to do was lie in a secluded thicket, thickly scented with his own blood and slick. An injured omega in heat, the very picture of helplessness.

The perfect trap.

It was sickening how many fell for it.

Any Alpha male who came within a hundred feet of him caught a whiff of his perfume, and when they did, they came to investigate.

Not the friendly, concerned kind of investigation though, of course. It was the kind that wanted to take advantage of weakness.

They’d swagger in his direction, nostrils flared, dicks hard, wide sneers on their faces. Ren lay still and trembling, body language defensive.

He’d tell them to stay away. They never listened.

So Ren gave them what they deserved when they were too distracted with taking what they wanted from him. It gave Ren the sweetest satisfaction to watch as their life blood drained from their slit throats.

He looked up when he heard someone approaching, but relaxed when he scented his pack mate.

Mai smiled at him. “Good hunt, Ren?”

Ren smiled back after he licked the blood off his lips and tossed the rib he’d been chewing on. “Isn’t it always?”


Hm. I don’t quite know why this went where it did. I promise my next Tiny Tale will see me going back to fluff.


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