I have a new Website! And Other Good News!

Yup! After quite a bit of thinking and blinking and coffee drinking, I decided to split up my blog and have a separate website with only static content. I just changed it in most of my profiles, and all I have left is to change it in the books and re-upload them. I know this is probably like my third time changing the website and stuff, but I like to keep messing with these things because sometimes I feel bored with the same stuff. The new website is damn good, even if it’s just me saying it. I had a ton of fun figuring things out and tinkering with it till it came out properly.

So yeah, check it out at bit.ly/deeaditya.

And oh, oh, the other good news:

I got accepted into the Master’s Program at Drexel University!!!!!!!


I’m so excited! Things get finalized next week, but I’m super happy about it. If everything goes well, I’ll be in Philadelphia for the next two years, doing research just like I always wanted.

And that’s it from me for now. Hope everyone has a great week!!


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