I’m (barely) alive!!!

I had great plans for 2016. I swear I did. Then Uni, or more precisely, my final year project happened.

I mean, I really like my project. I get to spend all day in a lab, measuring things out and inoculating microbes into nutrient broths and washing test tubes and Petri plates (a lot of washing to be done, to be honest) and feeling very self important.

The downside is that it completely wipes me out by the time I get back home.

Unfortunately that means  I barely have enough energy to do my college work by the time I get home, let alone write. I missed two of my TTT instalments, and the worst part is that I had stuff ready to upload, but I fell asleep and forgot to do it.

I also haven’t started on Kaapi, which is really terrible because I had a whole month for it and I just wasted it. But I promise it’s going to be out by May.

In other news, I have a 10k word story that I wrote for an Anthology that’s coming out! Not sure when, exactly, but it’s in the editing stages right now. So that’s one proper achievement for this year so far. I’ll share more ddetails about that later!

Hopefully I’ll be writing more and sleeping less in the coming months, and keep up with my TTT instalments. Hope you all have a good week!


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