Thursday’s Tiny Tales: Sunshine

There he goes, smiling and happy, talking animatedly with the people who flock to him. They can’t help but be drawn to him and his charm and warmth. He’s the sun and they’re all sunflowers, following his radiance wherever he goes.

He looks like it too, with his golden skin and golden hair and dancing blue eyes. The studs in his ears are golden too, and it’s easy to imagine him in a swirling silk robe instead of the jeans and button downs he usually prefers. A benevolent Sun God, eager to share his bounty with those less fortunate.

He opens his locker to find someone has secreted a note in it. He looks bewildered, and quickly glances around. He opens the folded up piece of cheap notebook paper. He reads what’s written in it and smiles like the rays of the morning sun, quickly stuffing the note into a compartment in his bag.

His smile is beautiful, and it makes my heart stutter when I see how pleased he is to get the note. His friend notices and asks about it, but he shakes his head. They pass me in the hall, his face turned away from me as he tries to look at his friend’s face while she pushes him to class.

He is the sun and I am not worthy of his attention, not after what I did. But I can make him smile, and that will have to be enough.



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