Thursday’s Tiny Tales: Attention (Love Like Coffee Universe)

Thursday's tiny tales Dee Aditya

Alan hadn’t noticed his boss standing behind him until the man cleared his throat and asked,“What are you reading?”

His fingers automatically hit the minimize icon on the browser, revealing the picture of a rain forest that was his wallpaper. His first instinct was to fly to his feet, but he couldn’t, since there were hands on his shoulders. They were just resting there, not applying any force, but Alan still felt like a butterfly pinned to a board under their warm weight. Doing some throat clearing of his own, he looked at his monitor, where Vaibhav’s reflection was faintly visible. “It’s not really any of your business,” he said, soft but firm.

Vaibhav responded with a faint little snuffle of laughter. “Oh? Whatever it was you were doing, you were doing it during office hours. I think that makes makes it my business, doesn’t it?”

Alan said nothing.

Vaibhav shrugged. “Okay, now you’ve made me curious. You can tell me yourself, or I’ll just get IT to dig it up for me.”

Alan couldn’t see his boss’s face clearly, but he knew exactly how he looked right now: smug and amused; the look of a person sure of victory. It was a look he’d been seeing in the boardroom for nearly three and a half years now, and been attracted to for almost just as long. And he really didn’t want anyone in IT knowing what he read for leisure. “It was just Fanfiction.”

“If it was just fanfiction, you wouldn’t have reacted like that.” Alan wasn’t expecting to hear that low tenor so close to his ear, or feel hot breath ghost the top of his cheek in a soft exhale. His stomach tightened with nerves and arousal. Vaibhav reached past him for the mouse, and Alan kept his hands firmly on his thighs, fighting the urge to simply swipe the monitor off his desk when Vaibhav pulled up the browser.

The silence was tense.

Alan closed his eyes, but he could still see the words he’d been reading behind his eyelids. Yes Daddy, and harder, and Do you like how good I fill you up, baby boy?

Alan had done a lot of things during work hours and gotten away with it, but he hadn’t ever thought his perfect record would end with Vaibhav thinking he was a perverted freak.

Behind him, his boss straightened a little, taking his warmth with him, but he still loomed overhead. Was he disgusted? Enraged?

When he spoke though, he just sounded… Curious. “So. Daddy kink, huh?”

“It’s not— I just like reading it,” Alan insisted, indignant. And then, “There’s nothing wrong with it, either way.”

“No, there isn’t,” Vaibhav agreed, sounding sincere. Then he closed the window and leaned back down again, and the tightness in Alan’s stomach came back tenfold. “You were so busy you didn’t even notice me.” A pause, an exhale, and then came the rumbled, “I didn’t like that.”

Alan felt goosebumps erupt on his skin and his breath catch in a stuttered inhale.

Then like the intimate moment had never happened, Vaibhav pulled back, patted Alan’s shoulder, and turned, tossing a “Remember to book Kenneth for the party on Friday, and a muffin basket for Lillian’s birthday” as he walked back out the office, leaving Alan dazed and more than a little turned on at his desk.


I hope you enjoyed this little short set in the Love Like Coffee universe, featuring the heroes from the  second book, Kaapi. Follow me on twitter @deeromance, or sign up for my newsletter here to get notified when the book comes out 🙂 

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