Thursday’s Tiny Tales: Miracles

Miracle“I cannot believe I let you talk me into this,” Sylvan grumbled, irately squashing the elf hat he had in his hands.

“Oh shush,” said Carlos, plucking the abused hat from out of Sylvan’s hand and straightening it before setting it on his head. “It’s for a good cause.”

Thrust was having their first holiday party, and donating the proceeds of the night to the local LGBT youth centre. Yeah, it was a good cause, but the elf costume was driving him crazy. It had little bells stitched on everywhere, even on his pointy shoes. He looked like a goof, totally unlike Carlos who was wearing the sexy boy version of a Santa’s costume with fur trimmed boots, red booty shorts and tight red tanktop with a Santa hat.

“My shoes fucking jingle when I walk, and these pants are giving me a wedgie. And this stupid shirt! It’s so. Damn. Itchy!” He let out a frustrated little roar and practically ripped the gaudy green shirt off. “I’m not wearing this piece of crap!”

Carlos laughed and kissed his shoulder before standing on tiptoes to kiss his lips. “Alright, alright. You don’t need the shirt then. But the shoes are festive and charming, and the pants make your ass look great.” With a sweet smile, he placed both his hands on Sylvan’s hips and slowly trailed them down to his ass and squeezed. “Feels great too.”

Sylvan blushed and ducked his head. “Whatever.”

Carlos’s answering chuckle was drowned out by a loud and slightly drunken “Merry fucking Christmas, motherfuckers!”

Smoke, one of their regulars and the one who had come up with the idea of the party, had just made his entrance, looking very much like a pornstar muscledaddy Santa Claus, replete with thigh high boots and the jacket open so his furred chest was framed by, um, the furry trim of the suit.

“Uhm,” said Sylvan, unconsciously rubbing against Carlos and shuddering, before he realised what was happening and pulled away. “Shit, sorry.”

“Nothing to apologise for, baby,” Carlos chuckled, looking between Smoke and Sylvan, a plan forming in his head. “Would be great to get him between us, wouldn’t it?”

Sylvan went very, very red. “Are you serious?”

“Do you want me to be?”

Sylvan looked at Smoke smugly collecting donations in his waistband and found himself nodding and biting the inside of his cheek.

“But it’s not like he’d pick us anyway. It’ll probably take a miracle.”

Carlos smirked. “Good thing it’s the season for miracles then, isn’t it?”

Have a very happy holiday season, everyone!

The picture used does not belong to me. it is used for illustrative purposes only.


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