Review: Milky Coffee and Office Gossip by Liza Kay

Title: Milky Coffee and Office Gossip (Sweet Snacks #2)
Author: Liza Kay
Genre: Contemporary Office Romance
Rating: 3.5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

This is an unabashedly fluffy read, with a hunky hot-shot lawyer type and a sweet-cute accountant who’s a little down on his luck. You will either adore it, or be annoyed with it, because of some things (stalking, manipulative characters, and SO MUCH sap ugh I am a sucker for the cheesy sappy romantic stuff).

Another reviewer said this sort of read like a yaoi manga, and I have to agree with them. I could imagine this unfolding as a manga, especially since the characters personalities are also similar to what is a “classic” pairing- ruthless macho man wielding some sort of power with a younger, more feminine, gentle and nurturing man. (At this point I should say I love stuff like that!)

While this isn’t something you haven’t seen before, or isn’t the same old thing done up in a new an exciting way, I still enjoyed it immensely, and would consider this one a familiar go-to read when I want something that gives me the warm and fluffy feelings (There are love letters in this book! SQUEEEEE).

Remington is a manipulative man and he knows it, and he sets his sights on Charlie because he knows getting Charlie will be easy, precisely because the younger man is having a low time after an unrequited love that he had bombed in his face (Charlie had stalked the other guy and because of that his rep around the office is sunk like the Titanic). So Remington knows that if he made his move now, Charlie would agree to a night out which would later turn into a night in between the sheets, and also boost his ego a little. (I did not like him at all in the beginning).

But during the actual event, Remington feels a connection with Charlie that makes him invite Charlie to stay the night. And then he makes it a regular thing, because, you know, sudden unexplainable feels and all. And Charlie likes Remington so he’s happy with what h can get (unwittingly falling for Remy’s brilliant scheme)

Charlie is a sort of ‘damsel in distress’ character whose distress (the whole stalking fiasco) is never explained in detail, but we have enough to outline what happened and that was enough for me.

And of course there’s a little road bump there where our heroes have some misunderstandings and stuff before they sort things out using love letters. I may have teared up a little even.

To be honest, I enjoyed this book a lot more than I expected to. It was nice, fun little timepass read. It kept me entertained and I liked the characters okay enough too. The chapter titles were great!

There were some editing errors, like ‘thump’ instead of ‘thumb’ and ‘plumb’ instead of ‘plump’ and the like, which were kind of annoying but these errors are few so I can excuse them.

Would recommend for people looking for a pop corn read that’s familiar and fluffy and full of sappy feels.


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