Thursday’s Tiny Tales: Overachiever

Stepping into my bedroom after a long day at the office, I want nothing more than to curl up with my lover and fall asleep with my face buried in his hair.

One look at him standing near the window, upset written all over his face, and I know that’s not going to happen.

His eyes are closed, and his pain is written all over his face.

I don’t know what’s happened, but I know what to say. “It’s okay.” Because really,whatever it is, it’s okay. We can deal with it. I hate to see him so upset.

He shakes his head. His lips tremble.

“Aww, baby, no, dont cry… What happened? Whatever it is, we’ll handle it. Don’t be upset…”

“I misspelled counter-intuitive,” he whispers, voice haggard like a man confessing to mass murder, “so she only gave me an A. But I deserved an A plus.”

I hide my smile against his furrowed brow. “Of course you do, baby.” I rub his back and he leans into me. “Lets get some icecream and bitch about your evil professor, okay? Come on.”

He hesitates, then nods. I let myself smile. Precious overachiever, I think fondly.

I do not own the image used here. It is used only for illustrative purposes.


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