Review: Hellbent by Sara Rayne

Title: Hellbent (Four Horsemen MC #5)
Author: Sara Rayne
Genre: Contemporary Biker romance
Rating: 5/5


I’ve been waiting for this book for THREE YEARS. I’m not even kidding. I’m glad I finally don’t have to wait anymore!

And let me tell you that this might be a rather biased review, because I love Shep. Absolutely adore him. Shep can do no wrong. And Pretty Boy too. Both of them are very special to me, because I’ve been seeing them making cow eyes at each other since book one and I was going friggin’ crazy with all the sexual tension.
I wanted to know their story so bad. SO BAD!
And finally they get their own book! My feels! MY FEELS!!

Shep is the VP for the Four Horsemen MC, and the only things that matter to him are the club and Pretty Boy. Pretty much everything he’s done is to make sure that Pretty Boy is safe.

Pretty Boy has been in love with Shep almost right from when they met, when it seemed like Shep was the only one in the whole world who gave a damn about him.

There is so much sexual tension between these two the screen just about sizzles and pops. Shep and Pretty Boy are made for each other. Shep keeps denying himself, because he feels like the Club should come first, and also that the MC members wouldn’t be very happy if he came out, since he’s heard some of them say… less than polite things about homosexuals.

Pretty Boy know Shep wants him, and he wants him back just as much, but he also feels like Shep deserves better than him.

My heart hurt reading about all the things that these two had to go through. It’s obvious that they’re both meant to be together. Everyone can see how Shep is protective of Pretty Boy, and how Pretty Boy’s eyes seem to constantly follow Shep around. He knows when Shep is coming just with the sound of his bike.

Both of these guys are badass and awesome. And they’re so tender with each other. I just about melted every time they were alone on screen because FEELZ! TENSION!EVERYTHING! WHY AREN’T THESE TWO PUTTING RINGS ON IT AND NAKED CUDDLING ALREADY?

When the Naked Cuddling does happen, it’s super friggin hot. It’s well written, emotional, genuine. (by the way… it wasn’t just cuddling… if you know what I mean. There was one particularly INTENSE scene in the back of a truck in the middle of a storm that BLEW MY MIND).
I may have felt tingles in my secret places.

When they finally get through all the tough shit, after all they’ve been through, they know finally that they’re it. And you know that they’re on their way to that HEA they so truly deserve. There’s some new shit going down with the bad guys, but Shep and Pretty Boy are going to be Okay, and that is all I need.


Now that I’ve gotten my feels out of the way, I should probably say some things about the book and series itself that isn’t just me fangirling about Shep and Pretty Boy.

This book was well written and engaging. Pretty funny at times too, and super emotional. I really like the whole concept of Hell, Texas, and the four Horsemen MC. Each chapter in Hellbent starts with a rule from the prospects handbook, which is super nice, because Pretty Boy is a prospect. I loved the salute thing they have going on between the prospects and Shep.

And Beauregard! What a deliciously slimy, smarmy, charming villain! There’s just something morbidly fascinating about a guy in a suit who calmly shoots people in the knees while smiling at them. I would totally love to see him get a book of his own. Preferably with another dude, but I’m not holding high hopes about that. I’d love to see him with another guy who expertly plays mind games too. And there should probably be lots of angry hate sex, or lots of seduction. And a HEA, but that’s just the romantic in me speaking. The way things are going, I don’t even know if the MC will leave him alive? IDK. he’s one of my fav villains of all time though.

I don’t know if this book can be read alone, because it is pretty strongly related to the previous book. I think you at least have to read the one before this to get a sense of what’s going on.

But even if you don’t I think this book deserves all the love, because Shepherd and Pretty Boy deserve all the love.

ARC was very kindly provided by the author.


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