Introducing Dee A. Version 2.0– Dee Aditya


After some angsting and general unhappy puttering about one sleepless night (or is it really early morning?), I decided a change of name was in order.

Honestly, it was because I was very depressed with the results of googling “Dee A”. It’s a sad story, and kinda pathetic, so I’m not going to go into the details of that…

So now I’m Dee Aditya, and not Dee A. anymore. Though I guess everyone knows already, since I’ve changed my name everywhere except on Amazon.

I thought I’d make a new website and stuff to make my change of name a grander affair, but I feel like what I have now is much better than some of the others I’ve seen (that are free). So I guess nothing has changed except my name. (I’m honestly quite pleased with the change too 🙂  )

I’d have to thank Raevyn and the DRitC mods for altering my data on the website and over here, and Samantha for editing the cover for Scar, and SheReadsALot for helping me change the covers on the books’ Goodreads entries.

ETA: And also Debbie McGowan for listening to me whine.

Thank you so much guys!

Aaaand I’m out.

PS. Expect the cover for Kaapi to be out soon 🙂


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