Review: Valor on the Move by Keira Andrews

Title: Valor on the Move
Author: Keira Andrews
Genre: Contemporary romance
Rating: 5/5

I received a copy of this from IndiGo Marketing and Design for a fair review

Okay, let me get this off my chest first:


This book is so good! Well written, with wonderful characters, Valor On The Move is a book you’ll love right off the bat, because:
1. Superb MCs
2. Great supporting characters
3. Forbidden Romance (of the body guard-protectee sort)
4. Age gap
5. Slow burn
6. Intense smex after the slow burn
7. Awesome writing
8. Just go read the book already

Rafa is the president’s son, and all he wants is to somehow get through college and his father’s last term so he can leave for Australia and start a life for himself: as an out and proud gay man, and as a cook.

Sean’s ultimate goal is to become part of the POTUS security detail, and he’s happy that he’s promoted to be on the detail of the first family. His charge is Rafael Castillo– code name Valor– nicknamed ‘the mouse’ among the agents, because the kid is silent, keeps to himself, and is an easy detail, unlike his elder siblings.

I really, really loved Rafa from the first page. He’s a sweet, genuine guy, with his own insecurities and fears and dreams. Sean, the older, hardened secret service agent is also a pleasure to read, but Rafa was my favourite all the way.

The supporting cast, like Rafa’s family and Sean’s friends, are well written; the first family especially has multiple dimensions, and at times you love them and at times you feel like shaking your heads and saying ‘why?’, but on the whole they are vey likeable. I especially liked the eldest brother and his wife.

Rafa’s attracted to Sean right from the first moment he sees him, but it takes a while for Sean to get to that point. But when it does, OH BOY, things get intense. INTENSE, I tell you!

The main focus of the book, as I felt it, was on Rafa: his struggle to keep up appearances, his forbidden feelings for Sean, and his dynamics with his family. I’m happy though, because Rafael Castillo is genuinely lovely to read. I was rooting for him throughout, and was so happy when things turned out well for him. The loving between Rafa and Sean comes late, but it is soooo worth waiting for. Rafa may be shy, but the boy knows what he wants, dayum. He and Sean are perfect together. And so sexy! *fans self*

The conclusion was awesome, if a little abrupt; but I’m just happy everything works out well in the end. Definitely reccomend it to everyone!


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