Review: The Rainbow Connection Vol.1 by BJ Sheppard

Title: The Rainbow Connection- Volume 1
Author: BJ Sheppard
Genre: Humor, Contemporary
Rating: 4/5
I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

So let me start off by saying that I’ve read a few of BJ Sheppard’s works. And those were really, really sweet, emotional kinda stories. The kind where, you know, you sigh a little, and you coo a little and generally go ‘aww’.

‘The Rainbow Connection’ is most definitely not a work that will make you go ‘aww’ (okay maybe it might do that. Occasionally). But it will most definitely make you laugh. It will also make you sigh with exasperation (and a whole lot of amusement) at all the shenanigans that our MC gets into.

Liam Adams writes a column for the LGBT section of a magazine, and he has a thing for Mailroom Manny, who he’s fucked on his desk and still has the scuff marks to remember him by.

The stories that desk could tell. Indeed.

He’s a little paranoid, a whole lot funny, but also pretty judgmental and some of his comments about his co-workers made me cringe (even if it was meant to be funny, I’ve never liked the kind of humor that attacks someone else). It’s the very same people that help him out in the end, so I just didn’t like that.

But then again, I know people like that exist, ad people really do say such things about other people, and that leads me to the conclusion that Liam is pretty shallow. He’s a little insecure, a little whiny, and quite a bit difficult to like at this point.

I really liked all the supporting characters. I loved mailroom Manny, who is apparently not all he seems he is (There’s a big surprise at the end of this book oh my), and I really liked his simple and straightforward character. He’s really kind of adorable. He was like. A Golden retriever or something. (Opposed to Liam’s personality, which is sort of like a pug, or a chihuahua, or something? IDK where I’m going with this.)

I also like Lourdes, the Alcoholic editor. I really liked her.

“I didn’t do it.” The words escaped automatically, my only-child retort as unbelievable as it had been with my parents when I was a kid.
“Beg to differ. Aside from the fact that you smell like penis, I just got a call from Bill Hayward and Primary Inc. Apparently he just saw an Asian schoolgirl getting murdered by a great ape in the corner office on floor six.”

See? Difficult to not like a person who reacts like that on finding out that her employees had desk sex during office hours.

Liam gets into all sorts of adventures, and really, it’s a hoot to read about. Like his foray into BDSM with Manny (his safe word is Shotgun, btw) :

“Prepare yourself, boy,” he whispered, bringing the leather tines up in line with my exposed ass.
Oh God. Oh Jesus Fucking Christ.
I clenched my body to receive the strike, praying it would not hurt as much as I thought it would.
It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. It hurt more.

I laughed so hard at that. I laugh whenever I think about it. I might laugh everytime I hear the word shotgun, but I digress.

On one hand, this is an entertaining book. I enjoyed reading it, even if I felt like at some parts it was kind of predictable and stuff. It was full of funny moments (except for a few dramatic moments towards the end), and I liked seeing Dramatic, over-the-top, shallow Liam grow into someone I actually learned to like by the end of the book, so kudos to the author on that.

The heat levels were also pretty intense, and so damn yummy to read.

On the other hand, this book is obviously part of a series, (view spoiler), and I was disappointed by that. I want to read what happens later right NOW. It’s just not fair.

There were also quite a few typos in the book, like ‘scold’ instead of ‘scald’, but I guess I can excuse that.

I liked this book because of the characters, the humor, Manny, and the humor. Liam’s thought processes are priceless, even when he’s imagining killing people.
I would have given it five, but it just didn’t take me to that five star place, give me that five star high. Perhaps because I didn’t really get a feel for the MC till later on, maybe, or because it didn’t make me emotionally invest myself. But it is definitely worth a read for the smart writing.

Four stars.


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