Review: No Matter what by K.A.Merikan

Title: No Matter What (Sex and Mayhem Series)
Author: K.A.Merikan
Genre: Crime, Romance
Rating: 5/5

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.

I loved this book right from the beginning. It pulled me in and it didn’t let go, and I fell so hard and fast for Ghost and Luca it isn’t even funny.

Ghost is a doctor, a good guy who doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He doesn’t like guns, and he doesn’t like violence; he just wants to propose to the girl that he met online and loved for five years and take her away and treat her like a queen, because he knows she deserves it.

Luca is no girl though, but Ghost still can’t walk away after knowing that Luca is in trouble, even if he’s hurt and angry that he was cheated. Luca is the person he fell in love with, after all, even if he did so thinking it was a girl.

Boy, I really wanted to pack Luca away in a box with Ghost and rainbow sparkles and puppies and kittens and sunflower fields and the other good things. Despite the trauma he suffered, he’s still a strong and compassionate guy.

Ghost was just as wonderful, being Luca’s pillar of support, his safe haven. He ends up tying himself to the kind of things he hates just to make sure that Luca will be safe and cared for with him.

There was plenty of action, but the sweet stuff was just. Agh. It was so beautiful. These guys were in love with each other, and they genuinely cared and worried about each other. Ghost’s feelings toward Luca were wonderfully done, and Luca totally blew me away. The sex was steamy, and fantastic, and romantic. HELL yeah!

The action scenes were intense, and violent, and we discover that Luca is a badass in his own right, hell yeah!

Stuff got rough in the middle. I was equal parts furious that they had to go through so much when they had done nothing to deserve it, and equal parts sad that they had to face even more shit even after all they suffered. And that sex scene before Luca leaves, and that letter? Slayed me. SLAYED ME. I fucking cried. Just. They deserve to be happy!! Why can’t they just be happy?! Why you do this, authors?? Why??

This is the first book I am reading in this series, so I don’t know all the details about Tooth and Lucky, but now I really want to. And I liked Ghost’s mother. Ghost’s father just irritated me. I wanted to kill Antonio slowly and painfully and dance over his dead body.

I was really afraid for these two and their relationship, what with all the homophobia and club threatening to tear them apart. But these boys persevered, and their love won out. I might have flipped tables and cried furiously if it hadn’t.

But seriously, THANK GOD they got their HEA!

Wonderful book. Recommended!
(And the cover is YUM!)


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