Nosy Neighbor

“Dude, is she waving at us?”

Vamsi sighed into his coffee, resolutely not looking out of his window. Really, it was too early for that woman and her nonsense. “Just ignore her. Hopefully she’ll go away soon.”

Of course, Sai cheerfully disregarded his words (as he was wont to do) and waved back.

The lady on the opposite balcony paused mid wave, as if startled by Sai’s response, then disappeared back into her house, grinning madly.

“She doesn’t seem so bad,” Sai smiled, sneaking a sip from Vamsi’s cup.

“Just wait till she starts chasing you with matrimonial profiles for ‘beautiful family girls’,” Vamsi retorted, retrieving his cup and placing a kiss on his boyfriend’s smiling lips, “then tell me she’s not so bad.”


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