Review: Axel’s Pup by Kim Dare

Title: Axel’s pup
Author: Kim Dare
Genre: Romance, BDSM, Shifters (wolf)
Rating: 5/5

My love for this book is endless. Just.

This book had me hooked from the first line. I read this secretly under my books during class. One of my friends almost caught me right in the middle of a smutty bit, but that did not deter me. Oh no. I had to finish this book.

I don’t think I’ve even been happy that a book was 560 pages long. Because it meant more of Axel and Bayden for me, and that’s always a good thing. I felt sick when I came to 90% and realised that the book was going to end.

This is the sort of book I adore, where both he characters are developed fully and there’s a real and caring connection between the two leads. The submission and the Master/sub dynamics in this book are beautiful. Everything is subtle, and everything is golden between Axel and his werewolf sub. Except when they aren’t because humans are assholes and werewolves heal quickly.

I am so in love with Axel Carmichael. He’s hot, and he’s a biker, and he’s kind, affectionate, and a great Dom to Bayden. I loved the way he treats his sub, the careful consideration, the patience, the care and support and his anger and hurt when Bayden does something without regard to his own safety.

Bayden Wolf. Oh my god. Bayden. I wanted to wrap him up in rainbows and sparkles and bunny rabbits and sunshine. The werewolves in this particular setting are treated worse than dirt, with unequal wages and laws that forbid more than two adult wolves to live together. He does whatever he can to earn money. The scenes where he takes whippings/ beatings just to prove that a wolf can’t be broken (and also to earn money to pay his rent) just about broke my heart (and Axel’s too).

Certain gestures mean different things to wolves and humans. Bayden wants to be just like a human sub so Axel doesn’t have any trouble. Axel just wants Bayden to be himself.

Their journey together to a loving and stable long term relationship is what this book is all about.

I cried in some places (by now it should come as no surprise- I’m the biggest sap there is) when Axel and Bayden’s interactions became too much for me.

The pure love that Axel has, the way he always wants what is best for his pup, the thought he puts into his punishments, the unconditional support he offers to Bayden, it’s all just too much. There are no cheesy admissions of feelings, his feelings shine bright as stars in each and every action.

Bayden is a wolf of few words. He doesn’t laugh openly, he doesn’t smile much. He keeps his head down, because good wolves don’t cause trouble. He keeps things spotless, and he’s hard working- he does everything he can to prove that the humans are wrong about the wolves. This is actually what really moved me- Bayden’s quiet resilience, and his drive to be the best submissive he can. He tries so hard, he really does, but sometimes, he makes mistakes because he doesn’t know that he’s not supposed to do those things. He’s afraid to trust Axel in the beginning because all his life he’s only encountered humans who have been cruel to him. And when he finds that Axel is different, he throws himself into pleasing his Alpha. Because the Dragons are a pack, and Axel is the Alpha. And Bayden wants nothing more than to stay with Axel and make sure that Axel is pleased with him.

It really hurt to read about some of the things that Bayden had to bear just because he was a wolf. I just felt like flipping tables every time someone said something mean to Bayden.

Bayden isn’t just a defeated little wolf, oh no. He’s strong, and he’s more than capable of taking care of himself. Which is mainly why Axel wants to protect him, because no one should have to face the horrors he does, even if he is able to.

Really, I could blather on and on about Axel and Bayden, and even about Bay’s mother and Axel’s friends. I could speak for days about how perfect they are, but it will never do justice to the sheer perfection that is this book, the sheer perfection that is their relationship, where both of them try their damned best to make sure that the other happy, and Axel is patient and understanding and so loving toward his pup, and Bayden finally learns to trust his Alpha because Axel has proved time and again that he is worthy of that trust.

That’s it, pup, I’ve got you.

That line, the first time Axel said it, I cried. I cried because that one line is enough to encompass everything. No matter what happens, Axel will always be there for his pup, encouraging him, supporting him, loving him, taking care of him. And Bayden will always belong to his alpha, safe and protected and secure in the knowledge that Axel doesn’t love him despite being a wolf, he simply loves him for him.

Apart from the characters, there were many other things about this book that totally had me, like how all the sentences were short and straightforward. There was a lack of descriptions, as in, not everything was immediately visible. There are a lot of things, such as Axel’s tattoos, that the author leaves up to the reader’s imagination. I found that striking and new. Everything in the story was focused on Bayden, on his development and his relationship with Axel.

Really, there are so many, many things I loved in this book, so many words and so many actions, but I should stop before I overheat and explode.

Just. *clutches heart and whimpers* So good.


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