Review: The Biker’s Omega by Lisa Oliver

Title: The Biker’s Omega (#1 in the Alpha and Omega series)
Author: Lisa Oliver
Tags: Romance, shifters
Rating: 3/5


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.Hmm, where to start.This book ticked all my (not so secret) hot buttons:

Shifters? Yes.
Predestined mates? Yes.
Steamy sex? Yes.
Terms of endearment? Hell yes.
Hot, muscular alpha with sexy, lithe omega? OH GOD YES.

But why did I only give this three stars? We’ll get to that.

The Biker’s Omega is about an Alpha Biker, and his omega mate. (HAAA I’m sorry *snort*)

So yeah. Trent is an alpha, and the Sergeant of arms of the Epitaphs MC. He’s big and muscly and keeps his sexuality, and the fact that he is a shifter, a secret from his club.

Marly is a slender, long haired omega who’s living alone since his old pack didn’t want him because of his sexuality.

Two phobes from the Epitaphs hate-bash Marly and his human friend, and that’s how Trent finds Marly, when he catches a whiff of his scent on the phobes’s clothing.

The story is good, and I liked the characters, Marly especially. He’s totally cool. I loved everything about him- that ittle cutie patootie omegaboy! *squishes Marly*. Boy stands up for himself, and is sassy, yet sweet. Trent though? This is where I get sad that I can’t give the book 4.5 stars for Marly alone. Because I really wanted to, but I couldn’t.

Trent is okay but a lot of what he did really annoyed me. Just because he’s an alpha doesn’t give him the right to do whatever he wants(despite what the book says, hmph!*pets Marly*).

I was rather disappointed by the fact that Trent did not discuss important things with Marly. The morning after scene that I was really looking forward to, which was crucial to their new relationship, just wasn’t there! He leaves early in the morning, and when he comes back, he doesn’t even bring it up! And later on he says that he isn’t big on talking and that he didn’t want to talk about the first time they mated?!!

That was what took out a whole star.

The other star is for the amount of typos I found- Trent was ‘Sargeant of arms’ at one point and ‘Sargeant at arms’ in another. This book really could have used a few proofreaders.

And I don’t want to say this, but I feel like I have to- The cover is not nice. It could have been better. I don’t even mean the guys- just the layout- the author’s name is practically invisible, and it feels so cluttered. Doesn’t catch a reader’s eye at all.

Would I recommend this? I guess if you like shifter Alpha-omega stories, you’ll like this one. It is pretty sweet, all things considered.


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